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Is HypnoBirthing™ applicable only for Natural Births?

No. HypnoBirthing™ program gives tools to women to trust their instincts for natural birthing, nevertheless you can benefit from the program techniques and knowledge for the birth you desire. It is not possible to guarantee a perfect birth, but you will feel empowered to make informed decisions, and enjoy a positive birth. For any type of birth you are advised to practice daily to amplify the benefits of the multiple techniques.

I do not have a birthing partner, can I still apply for your sessions?

The HypnoBirthing™ practice believes that the birthing partner has an essential role during birth because the mother needs to be left undisturbed and just breathing and relaxing while her body works with the baby. Please contact me so we can review some alternatives.

I do not like the idea of being hypnotised.

You will not be hypnotised at any point during the training / sessions. You will learn how you can teach your body and mind to access your fears and limiting thoughts that could prevent you to have a relaxed birth. As a certified practitioner I will help you so that you will be in charge of yourself all the time.  

Is HypnoBirthing™ really pain-free?

Pain is felt differently between each other, and every woman reports different sensations during their births, some mention pressures and others tightness. There is no guarantee you will have a pain-free birth. However, with HypnoBirthing™, birthing couples mention that they enjoyed the birth, easily managed the process, felt in control and experienced a peaceful and calm environment that is beneficial for mum, baby and even medical teams.

Why Hypnosis and not another method?

Marie Mongan was hypnotherapist, and based on her experience she found that existent fears and histories from other births, were preventing the moms to even consider natural births. By understanding how hypnotherapy works the mind - and impacting the wellbeing of the body, Marie Mongan developed a program dedicated to the birth. But the program is much more wider than hypnosis, and teaches techniques to support a relaxed and comfortable birth. 

I am sure I want to use medication during birth, is it worth to do the program/course?

Yes. The course will explain the multiple possibilities of medication, as well as, discuss the benefits and disadvantages of each for mummy and baby. Also, the learned techniques can be helpful in the case you will use medication during birth.

The HypnoBirthing™ pillars are relevant for pregnancy, birth, post-partum and for the parents role.

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