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What is HypnoBirthing™?

HypnoBirthing™ - The Mongan Method is a program developed by Marie Mongan to assist pregnant woman preparing for a safe and a more comfortable birthing. Through a established and certified program, the birthing team (mummy and birthing partner) learns techniques to deep relax, self-hypnotize, breathing through the different stages of birthing, visualizing and be educated about the process of birth.   

HypnoBirthing™ - The Mongan Method beliefs that if the woman is prepared and trusts her birthing body then there should be no severe discomfort and the moment can be enjoyed with peace and calm.

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Fear - Tension - Pain: Learn how to break this cycle

When fear is triggered in the human body there is an immediate action called the fight or flight response. This response activates the defense muscles to ensure our survival: our brain and heart focus on reacting to the danger that created the fear therefore we don't feel relaxed, but more tense.

During birth, this means that the uterine muscles will not receive enough blood to function, and the body will only be ensuring that the vital functions are working.

Birth does not need to be a fearful moment if the birthing woman is familiar with the process and the steps, and above all prepared. With breathing techniques and visualisations you can cope with your body and be in complete alignment during every stage of the birth. 

By breaking the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle you will be able to release the hormones - oxytocin - that your body and baby need to birth.

Why is Hypnosis relevant?

- Hypnosis is just one dimension of the multiple techniques you will learn and use in the HypnoBirthing™ course

- In an hypnotic state you feel totally relaxed but also in control

- With the help of your HypnoBirthing™ instructor you will learn how to reach the level of mind where your thoughts influence positively your physiological experience

- There are several familiar situations where your mind is in hypnosis, like when you are reading a book and you are fully immersed with the story, when you are so focused on your work and you loose track of time or when you react emotionally to what the actors feel while you are watching a movie

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Feel empowered throughout the 5 sessions


Understanding Woman Physiology and Birth History


Evidence-Based Resources

To give you information that allows you to receive the best care during childbirth


Practical Exercises

For training your mind and body every day, like you would when preparing to run a marathon

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