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HypnoBirthing™ at Hospital – Yes, it is possible!

Your Baby’s Birth can me memorable, a caring and loving memory you want to keep forever, and indeed tell everyone, because we need more and more to share positive birth’s stories!

The name of this childbirth preparation course was given by Marie Mongan, a Hypnotherapist by profession, that applied the theories of Hypnotherapy to the Childbirth training.

Since she was a little girl, Marie Mongan was fascinated about how births happened in nature, and she could not accept that all births would have to be like herself. She did not surrender to the fact that her mom suffered a lot to have her, and when she got pregnant she went beyond the theories of Grantly Dick-Read but only when her grandchild was born she had created the method as we know today, that is taught by more than 3000 educators worldwide.

Perhaps the word “Hypno” is keeping lots of women away, myself initially as well… the very first time I have heard about this method I was sceptical about it because I thought it would be an esoteric way to give birth, or focused too much on natural alternatives. I was the type of person that felt I needed to be in a hospital environment to feel safe. Nevertheless, after seeing how my sister-in-law enjoyed the birth of her second child, I was decided at least to give a try to the course.

After my first HypnoBirthing™ session I was convinced, and I started to look for a hospital that would accommodate my wishes to have a drug-free birth, and at the same time where I would be relaxed but in control of what was happening. During childbirth, it is especially important to surround ourselves with people that share our mindset and above all can trust women to give birth.

I found the perfect setting, a hospital with large birth rooms, with natural light (little I know that that would not be needed since I gave birth at midnight…) shower, bath tub, Pilates Ball, and a caring team of midwives that advocated natural birth and natural solutions to support the entire process. For me it was the perfect balance being in a hospital with a team that respected my body and its natural way of birthing.

Throughout the HypnoBirthing™ course I valued not only all the proven techniques to practice at home, like breathings, visualizations, positive affirmations to release any lingering fear around birth and labour, but also the important information about the procedures so that we were equipped with

approaches to take the right decisions.

My baby’s birth was peaceful and relaxed, and so memorable that I became a HypnoBirthing™ educator so that more women experience the same!

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