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  • Sofia Rebelo HBCE

Skin-to-skin Bonding

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

From the conception every moment and every detail will influence your baby's personality and how he/she will feel.

It starts in pregnancy, with all the caring about what you eat, and if you exercise and move well, and the number of checks and vitamins you take. But in this article we will focus on that little time between your baby being born and all the tests that the medical staff want to perform in a newborn.

Let's swap perspectives, you are your little baby, all cosy and happy inside the warmness of the womb, being gently rocked while my mom walk, hearing all the muffled noises outside, everything seems calm and easy. Suddenly a sign is sent, that is the time to move out of this place, and, me - the baby, I am looking forward to finally get to see what is happening outside. My mom is saying that is safe to leave this place, she seems relaxed, I can hear the nice music outside, this is taking a while but I know soon I will be in my mom's arms, and she will protect me for anything, I am sure.

That is why, in HypnoBirthing (TM), we advocate the only arms and hands on baby should be those of the baby's parents. Those first hours should be smooth and relaxed - just as the birth was - this way the baby can feel that being outside is enjoyable.

Skin-to-skin is beneficial to promote breastfeeding (making the birth of the placenta easier and faster - article here) and to increase the bond between baby, mom and dad. The warmness of mother's body, together with voice and heartbeat, will regulate the baby's temperature, metabolic rate, breathing pace, and even hormone and enzyme levels.

Skin-to-skin can be done not only in natural, vaginal births, but is also applicable for cesarean. Read more about it here:


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