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Why preparation for Birth is KEY: the recommendations from WHO...

Already in 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued a recommendation with non-clinical interventions to reduce unnecessary caesarean sections.

WHO acknowledges that “Caesarean sections can effectively prevent maternal and newborn mortality, however the caesarean rates have increased worldwide without a significant counterpart for maternal or perinatal benefits”. WHO even adds that “there is evidence that, beyond certain threshold an increase in C-sections may be associated with increased maternal and perinatal morbidity”. As per WHO notes, “Caesarean birth is associated with short-and long-term risks that can extend many years beyond the current delivery and affect the health of the woman, the child and future pregnancies.”

The WHO guidelines are a result of collected evidence after revising 29 scientific studies. The application of these recommendations should result on a reduction of caesarean section rates, in the absence of special medical conditions. The recommendations target: 1. Women, 2. Health-care professionals and 3. Health Systems

Did you know that WHO recommends pregnant women to attend Childbirth training workshops and relaxation training programs? Did you know that WHO also recommends that pregnant women follow a program that cover topics of psychoeducation focused on fear of pain, connection of fear and anxiety, birth process, among other topics?

HypnoBirthing™ program was designed to support and empower women during the childbirth process. As suggested by WHO well prepared moms-to-be can benefit with tools to use during the birth as well as being well-informed about processes and interventions.

At SuaveBirth we give you personalized support throughout our program, a complete set of information and techniques that touch on relaxation, breathing, releasing fears, among others, delivered in 5 sessions of 2.5h each, totalizing 12.5 hours dedicated to you, your baby and your birth companion.


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